By bringing Nordic creative professionals together, Nordic Match aims to establish collaborative processes that are both groundbreaking and sustainable – a pop-up think tank so-to-speak, and a creative community.

Why, you ask?

Because the Nordic countries have so much to be proud of in terms of equality, creativity, human rights, prosperity, education, and sustainable thinking. Let’s tackle pressing social and global issues by building on what we have, but making sure we go even further.


Helsinki will host the first Nordic Match from 8 to 12 April with the overarching theme of migration. Following an open call, one participant from each Nordic country will be selected to take part. Every Nordic Match will also have a local partner, not as an employer but as a way to advance the ideas and solutions, and hopefully put them into practice. This spring, our partner is the Empathy Movement by the Finnish Refugee Council.

By choosing migration as the spring theme for 2019, Nordic Match is seeking to explore and amplify the potential of art and culture in helping people feel at home and flourish in a new country regardless of their nationality, gender, religion, or socioeconomic background. According to definition of the Nordic Council of Ministers, anyone with an address in a Nordic country is a Nordic citizen. Needless to say, the enrichment potential of migration is enormous also for the host country.


The application round for Nordic Match is now open – you can apply as a participant (application deadline 24 February) or to host a creative participant in your home for a week (application deadline 15 March).

To get an overview of the early days of Nordic Match, take a look at the pilot round that was held in the autumn of 2018.

Nordic Match is a joint initiative by Nordic Culture Point and creative agency Måndag.

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